Stylish and Convenient

Choose from a wide variety of unique colors and designs. More than 100 beautiful patterns printed on Genuine Leather perfectly with waterproof processing. We pride ourselves on designing high-quality golf ball markers that truly stand out !!

Simply attach the clip onto your hat, bag, pocket, or pants to have your ball marker always on hand when you reach the green, allowing you to focus on making that putt !!


birdea classic series is our hot sales original series. Each marker features a gorgeous handmade leather print. The color of the leather patina gets darker over time and ages beautifully, a reflection of how hard you’ve been working on your game. Discover the design you love that lets you focus on making that putt !!


Designed to address every golfer's needs

birdea ball markers are designed to address all your needs, featuring stylish designs built to last. Each marker features built-in metallic magnets on both the marker and clip that secure easily back into place, ensuring they don't come loose, fall off, and get lost.

Beauty often lies in simplicity. birdea ball markers are light weighing in at less than 10g you’ll barely know they are there. Each marker has undergone detailed metal fabrication and a sleek stylish finish in silver, gold or rose gold.

birdea golf ball marker
Stylish, sturdy, and convenient to use, this ball marker makes the perfect gift for family, friends, and loved ones!