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Some things get better with time. Like your golf handicap or favorite clubs that after countless holes becomes an extension of your body. Your game gets better with every address, swing, and putt: The tiniest changes make the difference between hitting the ball perfectly off the tee, or into the hazard. The difference between a pro golfer and an amateur is not just the hours on the golf course. It’s the attention to detail in everything they do, and every tool they use to do it. 

Since a huge part of the game is mental, the last things you see before starting your swing help guide your focus. With a golf ball marker from birdea, you can put your unique mark on the green. And don’t forget about the bragging rights, when your golf buddies use cheap iron markers, but you pull out a marker with hand-printed Italian leather, detailed metalwork in silver, yellow or rose gold, for an exclusive presentation. Like your game, the leather will age beautifully and develop a gorgeous patina over time. Find the perfect gift for the golfer in your life at birdea.

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